Item no.: 10 8786

1,000 V Diagonal cutters, dipped, length 160 mm

  • Product description

    1000 V side cutters DIN ISO 5749 B, length 160 mm, approx. 64 HRC, for all wires

    1000 V side cutters, dip-insulated, VDE-tested - handles with two-tone plastic dip-insulation for optimum safety. If the outer red insulation layer is damaged, the now visible lower orange plastic insulation signals that 100% safety is no longer provided in accordance with safety standards. 1000 V side cutters according to DIN ISO 5749B, inlaid joint with inductively hardened precision cutting edge (approx. 64 HRC), for all wires, also for piano wire, made of electrical steel. Length 160 mm (6")

  • Technical details

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