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Craftsmanship and dedication

At CIMCO, we value craftsmanship - and have done so for almost 200 years and in the sixth generation of the family. When the small blacksmith Johann Christian Müller opened a pliers forge here in Remscheid in 1827, he had no idea what a long and successful tradition he would establish. Today, we supply electronics engineers throughout Germany and other European countries with tools that meet the highest standards. And even though they are no longer made by hand, but in largely automated production processes, we have not forgotten that precision craftsmanship is our top priority. We subject all screwdrivers and pliers that leave our factory to rigorous testing. In addition to the German Equipment Safety Act (GS) and current DIN standards, CIMCO tools are also subject to strict in-house testing in a water bath at 10,000 V AC and are suitable for use at 1,000 V AC."


Tools are needed wherever electricity needs to flow

As an electronics technician, you are part of a constantly growing industry. There are around 6,500 electrical installation companies in Germany today, and the trend is rising, not least thanks to digitalisation. Power lines are the lifelines of our economic activity, our work and our entire infrastructure. We know that you, who work for us under high voltage in the truest sense of the word, deserve our full support. Because you give your all in your job every day. You deserve optimised products that are constantly adapted to new challenges and allow you to work comfortably and ergonomically. You deserve outstanding service and absolute safety when working with our tools. Whether it's wire strippers or screwdrivers, tool cases or cable ties: we want you to be able to rely on our tools and products throughout your working life."


Not just moving with the times, but setting the direction

When a family runs a company in the sixth generation, it can look back on a long history. In our case, the family and company have been intertwined for almost two centuries. The family always looks to the future for the company, as it is important to preserve what has been created for future generations. That is why we are always driving change, but remain true to ourselves at all times. For our customers, for our employees, for the region in which we are rooted."

I am certain that our success, that the popularity of our brand lies in our tradition. In the tradition of never refusing to embrace progress. To critically scrutinise the new, to question the tried and tested. But never to abandon the standpoint that we want to be and must be a safe partner for our employees, customers and service providers. "SICHER SEIT 1827." is not just another slogan for us. We live it and I am proud of that.
Joachim QuirlGeneral Director / Managing Partner

What makes us stand out

Maximum availability
On average 97.5% of our 8,000 catalogue items are permanently in stock for you at CIMCO. By consistently using a comprehensive logistics controlling system, we will achieve further improvements in the delivery rate.
When time is of the essence
It usually takes less than 36 hours from receipt of your order to delivery. Because we know that many a building site cannot continue if we do not deliver. Thanks to our efficient logistics partners, you will have the goods you require within 3-4 days, or even the next working day in the case of urgent orders received by CIMCO before 12:00 noon.
We make it suitable
Do you have special requirements such as reusable transport systems, special packaging specifications or scheduled deliveries in Germany and abroad? No problem. And if digital real-time shipment tracking is important to you: we'd love to!
We go everywhere for you
Dealers cannot regularly stock tools in non-standard sizes and special tools. But it is precisely these specialities that are urgently needed when required. We at CIMCO carry out drop shipments directly to the user or to your construction site - within Germany at no extra charge!
For the sake of the environment
All sales and shipping packaging at CIMCO is reusable or can be easily recycled thanks to easy separation of materials by type. We have been working with established waste disposal companies such as ISD Interseroh for many years.
CIMCO through the ages

A company history spanning six generations

The founder, the first generation: Johann Christian Peter Müller (1800 - 1880) from Gummersbach settles in Remscheid as a small blacksmith for hand-forged pliers. He was one of 600 blacksmiths in the Remscheid area and focussed on precision craftsmanship right from the start.
The second generation: The two sons who joined their father's company "Chr. Pet. Müller" company in 1852, Carl August (1831-1905) and Carl Julius Müller (1836-1912) remain pliers manufacturers after the death of Johann Christian Peter Müller, but separate in business. Carl Julius Müller establishes the company Carl Jul. Müller Werkzeugfabrik and produces pliers for every purpose according to samples or drawings.
The third generation: Carl Robert Müller (1877-1950), son of Carl Julius Müller, becomes the sole owner of the company after his retirement and expands it to include a trading company which, in addition to the tools produced in-house, now also sells products from Remscheid's small-scale industry to the specialised trade.
Relocation: The company moves to Hohenhagener Straße, where it is still based today.
The fourth generation: Carl Julius Müller (1902-1986) and his father Carl Robert Müller found a general partnership.
The CIMCO brand name is born. One year later, the company is renamed CIMCO-Werkzeugfabrik Carl Julius Müller.
Destruction, but not the end - The business premises and a large part of the finished goods warehouse in Eberhardstraße are destroyed by air raids. Next to the undestroyed factory buildings on Hohenhagener Strasse, offices and warehouses are provisionally set up in barracks.
New beginning I: Construction of a new office and administration building on Hohenhagener Street
The fifth generation: Carl Julius Müller's stepchildren - Emilie Brodesser (1922 - 2016) and her brother Karl Emil Quirl (1925 - 2004) - join the company as partners, Karl Quirl also joins the management. The company CIMCO becomes GmbH & Co. KG.
The sixth generation: Karl Quirl's son Joachim Quirl (born 1961) joins the company, followed four years later by his brother Harold Quirl (1960-2016).
New beginning III: Achim Ebbinghaus (*1858) is the first non-family member to join the management team.
Expansion I: The export business is spun off from the CIMCO tool factory. The sister company CIMCO-International is founded with Detlef Wichmann (born 1954) as Managing Director. Mr Wichmann has been retired since 30.06.2019. The management of CIMCO-International is transferred to the managing directors of CIMCO Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG have taken over.
New beginning IV: Purchase of the property at Karl-Kahlhöfer-Str. 4 with subsequent start of construction of the new logistics centre in November.
Expansion II: In the years up to 2020, the foreign companies CIMCO Nederland B.V., CIMCO AT GmbH and CIMCO-Poland SP z.o.o. will be founded.
Change of name for CIMCO-Werkzeugfabrik Carl Jul. Müller GmbH & Co. KG to CIMCO Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG.
Planned: A grand 200th anniversary for the company

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