Item no.: 10 0526

1,000 V VDE-tested diagonal-cutting pliers, laid-on joint, 160 mm

  • Product description

    1,000 V Diagonal cutters 160 mm DIN ISO 5749 B, inserted joint

    VDE-approved power side cutter safety pliers with 1,000 V protective insulation. The pliers in the Diamant Plus series comply with the current IEC900, IEC 60 900 and VDE 0682/Part 201 standards. These strict safety guidelines stipulate 10 different quality tests for the insulation protection of the pliers. In addition to the type test, the independent VDE test center also carries out regular checks on production and storage. The pliers are tested for breakdown and flashover in a water bath at a test voltage of 10,000 V AC. This guarantees unit-tested safety. Optimized lever ratios, smooth operation and hand-friendly handle design, which enable effortless and ergonomic working for the hand, manufactured from the most suitable high-alloy tool steels, fully oil-hardened, all cutting edges additionally induction-hardened. High-gloss polished and chrome-plated surfaces. Power diagonal cutters 160 mm (6")

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