Item no.: 14 6212

3-part rung stepladder and extension ladder, 3 x 12 rungs

  • Product description

    3-piece rung stepladder and extension ladder, 3 x 12 rungs, stepladder/extension ladder height 3.50 m/8.85 m, 38 kg

    3-section rung stepladder and extension ladder, insulating up to 1000 V AC/1500 V DC. Combined three-part rung ladder that can be used both as a stepladder and as an extension ladder (single ladder). When used as a stepladder, the third upper ladder section serves only as a safety bridge. Optimum stability due to floor crossbar, sliding ladder height adjustable from rung to rung by hand, 2 wall rollers at the top end of the ladder, locking and opening mechanism made of aluminum, high-strength tension belts to prevent unintentional opening of the stepladder, hollow GRP stiles in H-profile (90x32 mm, with 8 rungs 70x32 mm), aluminum rungs in the dimensions: Rung cross-section 27x27 mm, rung spacing 280 mm, tested according to EN 131 (except 3x14 rungs!). Number of rungs: 3x12; stepladder height: 3.50 m; extension ladder height (max.): 8.85; weight: 38 kg. Plastic ladder with tested, extremely age-resistant glass fiber spars, which have an electrically insulating effect, especially for professional users who work near cables, connections or other current-carrying equipment. Lightweight and easy to handle thanks to the special design of the GRP uprights (hollow or C-profile) and aluminum rungs or steps, rungs and steps permanently flanged twice to the uprights, rung spacing 280 mm: Load capacity 150 kg, non-slip stand due to rubber ladder shoes, including detailed operating, assembly and safety instructions. Ladders comply with European standard EN 131 and electrical tests according to DIN 53 481, 53 482 and 53 483 by independent testing institute C.E.S.I., 5-year durability guarantee.

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