Item no.: 14 0342

Adhesive plaster red-white, in paper bag, 25 kg

  • Product description

    Red-white adhesive plaster in paper bag 25 kg, VE = 1 pallet - 40 bags

    Adhesive plaster gypsum red-white, single-layer interior plaster with adhesive additives and high yield for hand application on all common plaster substrates as well as on rough or smooth concrete surfaces indoors, including domestic kitchens and bathrooms. Pre-treatment with concrete contact is required for smooth substrates,. Can be smoothed, felted or applied in free texture, processing time approx. 100 minutes (depending on processing conditions), recommended plaster thickness 8 mm, material consumption approx. 5 m²/25 kg bag at 8 mm plaster thickness, shelf life approx. 6 months, in paper bag 25 kg; PU= 1 pallet; 40 bags.

  • Technical details

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