Item no.: 17 0300

Apprentice case CLASSIC, equipped

  • Product description

    Equipped apprentice case, Eco, Light and leather, made of strong cowhide leather

    Apprentice case ECO, LIGHT ind LEDER, the spacious tool case made of strong cowhide with two frontal, lockable and two side plug-in locks. All outer edges are reinforced with aluminum angles. The sheet metal bottom tray is galvanized and riveted, the bottom and lid are extra reinforced. The fold-down front wall has a document front pocket, the back, front and side walls are equipped with holding loops. Size: LxWxH: 290x435x200 mm, weight: empty 2.750 g, loaded 5.600 g. The apprentice case is equipped with 23 quality tools, is equipped as follows: 1000 V telephone pliers with straight jaws, 200 mm (CIMCO item no. 10 0216); 1000 V side cutters, 160 mm (CIMCO item no. 10 0574); 1000 V slotted screwdriver size: 3.0x0.5x 00 mm (CIMCO item no.11 7702); 1000 V slotted screwdriver size: 4.0x0.8x100 mm (CIMCO item no.11 7704), 1000 V slotted screwdriver size: 5.5x1.0x125 mm (CIMCO item no.11 7705), 1000 V Phillips cross-slotted screwdriver in sizes: Phillips PH 1x80 mm (CIMCO item no. 11 7731); Phillips PH2x100 mm (CIMCO item no. 11 7732), 1000 V cross-recess screwdriver Pozidriv in the sizes: PZ 1x80 mm (CIMCO item no. 11 7741) and PZ 2x100 mm (CIMCO item no. 11 7742), stripping tools: cable knife without blade for cables from Ø of 8 to 28 mm (CIMCO item no. 12 1014); stripping pliers SUPER 4 PLUS from 0.2 to 6 mm² (CIMCO article no. 10 0780), inner can rod stripper from a Ø of 8 to 13 mm (CIMCO article no. 12 2027). Furthermore, the following quality tools are included: DUOCUT cable shears (CIMCO item no.12 0108), voltage tester, 2-pole (CIMCO item no.11 1442), 1000 V safety cable knife (CIMCO item no.12 1042), PUK pocket saw, span 150 mm (CIMCO item no.12 0502),locksmith's hammer tested according to DIN 1041/1193, 300 g (CIMCO article no.13 0804), painter's spatula, width 40 mm (CIMCO article no.13 1324)Plastering trough made of soft rubber, ø 125 mm (CIMCO item no. 14 0306)Water brush (CIMCO item no. 14 0310)Wooden folding rule, 2 m (CIMCO item no. 21 0004), Control cabinet spirit level 230 mm, torpedo shape, horizontal, vertical and 45° spirit level (CIMCO item no. 21 1540) Carpenter's pin, black, 240 mm (CIMCO item no.21 2170).

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