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Cable detective

  • Product description

    Cable Detective LxWxH 145 x 86 x 26 mm

    The Cable Detective, a test device for network copper cables to detect connection faults in assembled data cables and complete installations. All coaxial connections with BNC/TNC connectors, USB cables as well as all UTP/STP cabling with 6- or 8-pin modular connectors can be tested in seconds for interruptions, PIN assignment and short circuits, both for the individual conductors and for the shielding. With visual (LED) and acoustic fault indication, the lengthy, nerve-racking and expensive search for cable faults is reduced to a minimum with the 'cable detective'. Already over longer distances laid cables up to 200 m can be tested by only one person, in practical belt pouch, comprehensive operating instructions, for 9 volt E-block battery.

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