Item no.: 18 2656

Cable markers, writing field 13 x 21 mm, 48 pieces per sheet

  • Product description

    Cable markers, self-labeling, lettering field 13 x 21 mm, L 37 mm, 48 pieces por sheet, temperature resistant from -30°C - 120°C

    Self-laminating cable markers for simple, fast permanent cable marking. Cable markers for simple, fast and permanent cable marking. Clear PV 006, self-adhesive soft PVC film, 0.08 mm thick. Protects the writing field from mechanical influences. The marker consists of patented and transparent pressure part, white marking field, transparent protection part.Temperature resistant from -30°C to +120°C, permanent adhesive strength, high UV resistance. Resistant to dirt, water, alcohol, petroleum-based oils. Can be labeled with pencil, ballpoint pen, printer, etc. Pocket packaging. Design: Sheet: 13x21 mm; Maximum cable Ø 7 mm; Pieces per block: 48; Length: 37 mm; Packing unit: 1

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