Item no.: 10 6052

Crimping pliers click 'n' crimp, solar technology, with crimping profile inserts

  • Product description

    Click n Crimp solar technology, with press profile inserts

    Click'n'Crimp sets, The Click'n'Crimp crimping pliers are available in the standard configuration, consisting of crimping pliers body and three of the most common crimping profile inserts for each application area: Click'n'Crimp solar technology, with crimping profile inserts: CIMCO item no. 10 6010 (for insulated cable connectors from 0.5 mm² to 6 mm²), CIMCO item no. 10 6027 (for solar connectors TYPE MC3 from 2.5 mm² to 6 mm²) and CIMCO item no. 10 6028 (for solar connectors TYPE MC4 from 2.5 mm² to 6 mm²).

  • Technical details

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