Item no.: 10 6136

Crimping pliers complete with insert, for non-insulated connectors, length 230 mm

  • Product description

    Crimping pliers complete with insert, profile inserts for non-insulated connectors with open crimping claws to DIN, length 230 mm

    One-hand system crimping pliers Lever-operated crimping pliers with ratchet mechanism and pressure point release with a variety of interchangeable crimping profile inserts fixed by two fastening screws. The ergonomically shaped crimping pliers are easy and handy to use. The integrated automatic ratchet is triggered by the lever action of the handle. Adjustable positive release guarantees optimum crimping results. All inserts are made of carbon tool steel. Crimping pliers complete with insert, length 230 mm; crimping profile inserts for non-insulated cable lugs according to DIN: 0.5 to 1, 1.5 to 2.5, 4 to 6 mm², AWG: 18/20-14/16-10/12

  • Technical details

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