Item no.: 15 0800

Gas soldering iron set, 10-piece

  • Product description

    Gas soldering set, 10 pieces , gas soldering iron in plastic box, size 275 x 160 x 45 mm

    Gas soldering set, 10-piece . For demanding soldering tasks without obstructing cables, wherever a power supply is not possible, e.g. in the installation, service and repair sector. Thanks to various interchangeable attachments also suitable for heat shrinking, micro welding and cutting of plastic foils and plates. suitable. With electronic ignition, power infinitely variable, open flame temperatures up to 1,300°C, soldering up to 500°C, heat shrinking up to 500°C, burning time approx. 60 min. In a handy storage and transport case made of impact-resistant plastic with viewing window. Set consisting of 1 piece each; gas soldering iron set 275x160x45 mm. Consisting of: Gas soldering iron with cap, locking device (CIMCO item no. 15 0810), soldering tip pencil point (CIMCO item no. 15 0820); soldering tip 3 mm one-sided oblique (ellipse shape) (CIMCO item no. 15 0821), soldering tip 3.5 mm slanted on both sides (chisel shape) (CIMCO item no. 15 0822), hot knife 12.5 mm blade width for cutting and shaping (CIMCO item no. 15 0826) of plastic and rigid foams, heat reflector for heat shrinking (CIMCO item no. 15 0828),flame nozzle with a Ø of 3.5 mmfor microwelding(CIMCO item no. 15 0824), wrench 7 mm and 8 mm for soldering tip assembly, cleaning sponge in sponge container 40x40 mm;detailed operating instructions.

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