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Inspection sticker 22 green, Ø 20 mm, 108 pieces per booklet

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    Test badge 22 green, Ø 20 mm, 108 pieces per booklet

    Test badges - The test badges are used within the scope of quality assurance (QA) according to DIN ISO 9000 ff as well as e.g. for the legally prescribed inspections and for accident prevention (UVV). This applies in particular to the monitoring of test equipment, devices and systems as well as for important supply lines (cables, pipes). You have two options for attaching the inspection stickers: directly on the tested device or on one of the basic stickers offered, which is stuck on the device. The test date is marked with a pen or notched pliers. The test badges are made of tamper-proof document foil, i.e. to protect against misuse, the badge is irrevocably destroyed when an attempt is made to remove it. Characteristics of the document foil: The document foil can be written on with pencil, ballpoint pen, fiber pen or typewriter. It is 0.05 mm thick and is temperature resistant from -30°C to +80°C. The adhesive strength is higher than the tear strength of the film. It breaks when removed and is largely resistant to aging, weathering and light. It is also resistant to water, sea water, alcohol, aliphatic solvents and petroleum-based oils and greases. Finish: green "22"; Ø-20 mm; Pieces per booklet: 108; PU: 1

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