Item no.: 10 0746

Jokari® Automatic wire stripper SENSOR SPEZIAL

  • Product description

    Jokari® Automatic wire stripper SENSOR SPEZIAL, 4.4 - 7 mm Ø

    Automatic wire stripper SENSOR SPEZIAL. Stripping pliers specially developed for halogen-free, PUR and PVC cables. Removes the outer sheath without damaging the inner conductors or the braided shield. The absence of a longitudinal stop means that cables of any length can be stripped. Automatic adjustment and special blade geometry ensure safe stripping of the following cable types: Halogen-free sensor/actuator cables, with PUR or PVC outer sheath, 3 to 8-core cable assembly, shielded or unshielded (e.g. 3 x 0.34 mm² unshielded to 8 x 0.25 mm² shielded), round cable diameter: 4.40 to 7.00 mm.

  • Technical details

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