Item no.: 14 1078

Katimex® Flexi Probe 2.0 Set, 7/10/13 mm Ø

  • Product description

    Katimex® Flexi Probe 2.0 Set Head Ø 7, 10, 13 mm

    Katimex® Flexi Probe 2.0.Set. Due to its conical shape, the Flexi-Probe 2.0 offers optimum force transmission of the bending forces into the fiberglass profile when passing through tight bends. The probe is not subject to material fatigue such as a spring guide head. Together with the new initial sleeve 2.0, it forms the optimum tool for passing through very tight bends. Bending radii of 30 mm are feasible. Head Ø 7,10,13 mm

  • Technical details

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