Item no.: 14 2556

Katimex® Kati®-Twist, length 40 m, 5.2 mm Ø

  • Product description

    Katimex® Kati®-Twist Ø 5.2 mm, length 40 m

    Katimex® Kati®Twist, the new wear-resistant polyester belts convince with their high shear stability and low frictional resistance (up to 60 % lower than conventional plastic or steel belts) in empty pipes. Extremely good bending and sliding behavior. Maximum tensile load on initial sleeve (M5): 200 kg. Repairable in case of belt breakage (initial sleeve to be pressed on). Breaking load/tape: 4.0 kN. All Kati®Blitz and Kabelmax® accessories can be used in a compatible way. Version, with a Ø of 5.2 mm; length 40 m.

  • Technical details

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