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Katimex® Kati®Blitz Mini 15 m, tape 1.2 mm Ø

  • Product description

    Katimex® Kati®Blitz Mini 15 m tape length , glass fiber tape Ø 1.2 mm, breaking force 1.3 kN

    Katimex®-Kati®Blitz Mini. Kati®Blitz Mini was specially developed for fiber optics for the growing demands of subsequent fiber optic installations in existing, already occupied empty conduits. Where conventional pull-in devices are no longer sufficient, the Kati®Blitz Mini shows its full size with a fiber optic profile of only 1.2 mm Ø. In particular, the Kati®Blitz Mini simplifies the subsequent installation of fiber optic cables, or often makes it possible in the first place, making it the ideal helper for pulling in fiber optic cables in buildings. The specially developed Polykat Mini fiber optic profile is characterized, in addition to its small diameter, by high tape strength and shear stability, as well as a very small bending radius of 15 mm. Together with the Flexi Probe Mini, whose special contour allows it to pass through tight spots and curves, and a low-friction guide hose that guides and protects the belt, the insertion process into an occupied empty pipe is quick and easy. In addition, the guide hose protects against breakage when the tape is pulled back. Included accessories: 5 Flexi probes M 2.5 with internal thread, 7 initial sleeves M 2.5 with external thread, 1 guide hose 2.5 m with locking sleeve, 1 insulating tape 15 mm for fastening the fiber optic cable to the Flexi probe, 1 abrasive pad 50x50 mm, 1 special adhesive 3g. Product advantages at a glance: Flexi-Probe Mini: special contour for passing through tight spots and curves. Rotating belt cassette: by turning the cassette, the belt is inserted into the empty tube. Axle bearing cassette: high restoring force of the Polykat Mini supports the automatic run-out of the belt. Guide tube: protects and guides the profile during insertion, during retraction the risk of tape breakage is significantly reduced. Handle with belt stop: prevents the belt from running out automatically when not in use. Tape length: 15 m; breaking force 1.3 kN.

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