Item no.: 18 2660

Labels for hand lettering, dimensions 11 x 19 mm, 40 pieces per card

  • Product description

    Labels for hand marking Self-adhesive 11 x 19 mm, 40 pieces per card, Temperature resistant from -30°C - 80°C

    Labels for hand labeling, Self-adhesive, inscribable labels made of yellow fabric for marking electrical equipment, for equipment marking, warehouse and article labeling. Easy to write on with pencil, ballpoint pen and typewriter. Self-adhesive PVC impregnated fabric in yellow with black border, 0.15 mm thick. Temperature resistant from -30°C to +80°C, good adhesion, resistant to aging. Type: pieces per card: 40; dimensions: 11x19 mm. PU: 1.

  • Technical details

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