Item no.: 21 2153

Pack of 10 replacement refills for 21 2151, water-soluble, graphite

  • Product description

    Refills for 21 2151, water-soluble 10-pack Graphite B2

    Pica dry construction marker graphite for marking, drawing and labeling even in hard-to-reach places. Writes on almost all materials, even on dusty, rough and oily surfaces. Can be wiped clean with a damp cloth on smooth surfaces. The refills are protected by a stainless steel tube and reloaded by means of a push mechanism. The practical storage case also serves as a sharpener. Pencil version with graphite lead B2 (general purpose pen). Replacement leads for Cimco item no. 21 2151, water-soluble; pack of 10, graphite B2

  • Technical details

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