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POWER industrial case

  • Product description

    Industrial case POWER

    Robust tool case made of impact-resistant plastic with sturdy aluminum frame, Two robust, lockable tilt locks, Injection-molded bottom tray with numerous subdivision options, Removable bottom cover plate, Removable bottom cover plate, equipped with tool pockets on one side, Removable tool board with document compartment and a variety of tool pockets, Size: L x W x H: 395 x 455 x 205 mm, Weight: empty 3,450 g. Tool case equipment: 1 x VDE cable cutter, for cable 18 mm², 1 x 1000 V power side cutter, 200 mm , 3 x VDE slotted screwdriver SLIM , 2 x VDE screwdriver with combination profile SLIM , 2 x VDE cross-slotted screwdriver SLIM , 4 x VDE TORX® screwdriver SLIM, 1 x Electronic side cutter without cutting edge, 132 mm , 1 x Universal switch cabinet wrench, 1 x Professional switch cabinet spirit level, 250 mm , 1 x Automatic wire stripper for lexible conductors, 1 x Wire end ferrule crimping pliers , 1x Telephone pliers bent, 200 mm , 1 x Screwdriver, 160 mm

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