Item no.: 11 2050

Precision safety screwdriver set, 7-piece

  • Product description

    Precision safety screwdriver assortment 7 pieces, IEC 60900, 5 screwdrivers for slotted head screws, 2 screwdrivers for Phillips head screws

    Precision safety screwdriver assortment 7-piece, according to IEC 60900, blade, insulation and handle are inseparably connected. Unit test in a water bath with a test voltage of 10,000 volts. For slotted screws: 1.5x0.3x40 mm; length: 140 mm (art. no. 112000), 1.8x0.3x60 mm; length: 160 mm (art. no. 112002), 2.0x0.4x60 mm; length: 160 mm (art. no. 112004), 2.5x0.4x75 mm; length: 175 mm (art. no. 112006), 3.0x0.5x75 mm; length: 175 mm (art. no. 112008). For Phillips screws: PH00x40 mm; length: 140 mm (art. no. 112020), PH0x60 mm; length: 160 mm (art. no. 112022). The ideal tools especially for the smallest screws in electronic and electrical components, radio and stereo systems, telephone systems and all communication connections, for precision mechanics, electronics, model making and similar fine-sensory work, blades made of special steel, color-coded ring to identify the screw system.

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