Item no.: 14 1802

Pull-in system Kabelmax® 60 m

  • Product description

    Cablemax® 60 m retraction system, tubular steel frame with aluminum reel mounted on ball bearings

    Katimex®-Kabelmax® - the professional class underfloor cable pulling system for easy pulling of cables into empty or occupied cable ducts or pipes up to 60 mm diameter Cable pulling device for underfloor ducts complete with glass fiber profile 4.5 mm Ø, 2 initial sleeves M5, initial bulb 11 mm Ø with pulling eye 6 mm Ø. 5 initial sleeves M5; initial bulb 11 mm Ø; 2 pulling eyes 6 mm Ø; 3 connecting sleeves, special adhesive 3g and service bag; tubular steel frame with ball-bearing aluminum reel; 60 m.

  • Technical details

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